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Partnerships at the School of Education and Human Development

Diversity Endorsement and Community Engagement (DECE)

The project addresses the need to prepare educators to improve instruction for English Learners, including those at-risk or with disabilities, in a high needs rural county school district that includes several dual language schools. The teachers participate in coaching, co-planning, and co-teaching training, with specific emphasis on using the research-based methods of instructional conversations and literature logs to support English learners’ academic achievement and language development.
Associated Faculty: Lucinda Soltero-Gonzalez

CO-TOP (Comprehensive Training Opportunities for Paraprofessionals)

Model has been developed and refined over a period of 24 years through five projects funded by the Offices of Special Education Program and English Language Acquisition (OSEP and OELA) of the US Department of Education and the Colorado Department of Education. CO-TOP, a Training of Trainers (TOT) model enhances the capacity of Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) to prepare licensed professionals (teachers and related service providers to supervise and train paraprofessionals through the use of research based training materials (modules and manuals) and resources developed by The PAR2A Center
Associated Faculty: Ritu Chopra

National Intervener Certification E-Portfolio

In collaboration with the National Center for Deaf Blindness, developed and administrates a credentialing system for interveners (i.e. paraprofessional who work with deaf-blind students). Through NICE, interveners submit evidence of knowledge and skills as outlined in standards for interveners published by the Council for Exceptional Children. The PAR²A Center oversees NICE including portfolio submissions, the review board, the review process, and communication of certification decisions to applicants.
Associated Faculty: Ritu Chopra

Early Intervention Provider Online Training Modules

Early Intervention (EI) Colorado serves families who have children birth through two with developmental delays. It is under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, and must provide assurances that providers have the appropriate training. In an effort to ensure that providers have the most current information about evidence-based practices in early intervention, EI Colorado contracted with the PAR²A center to create the modules.
Associated Faculty: Ritu Chopra

American Counseling Association

This partnership includes serving on a special Task Force entitled "Cultural Encounters". The task was to develop strategies for difficult dialogues across cultural contexts and have conducted tow programs at the American Counseling Association's national conference (2018, 2019). Role in the partnership was to develop the theoretical framework for difficult dialogues, and specific skills and strategies to manage these conversations. This is now in a manual and the task force is seeking funding to publish the manual from the American Counseling Association.
Associated Faculty: Farah Ibrahim

The Alternative Teacher Preparation program's Masters of Arts in Education and Human Development

The Alternative Teacher Preparation program at the partner schools collaborate with School of Education and Human Development (SEHD), Office of Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) to provide an opportunity for their program participants/interns to receive a M.A. Degree in Education and Human Development. After acceptance into the alternative licensure program at the partner schools, interns may apply for the 36 credit Master of Arts degree in Education and Human Development offered through CPE in the SEHD with an emphasis in Human Learning & Development (HLD), Early Childhood Education (ECE), Early Literacy (ELT), or Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE).
Associated Faculty: Ruben Viramontez Anguiano

Professional Development to Graduate Credit Options

Partnership with districts around the state are using CLDE professional development created by CU Denver faculty. We are partnering with districts to create graduate credit options for teachers. In the summer of 2019, we will have our first teacher get this credit. In the summer of 2020, we will have 20 teachers take the credit as a part of the partnership, but have the potential to have hundreds more. It is our hope that 3 graduate credits will lead many more teachers to pursue the CLDE endorsement.
Associated Faculty: Chris Carson

DPS Student Teaching Residency (STR)

The partnership DPS Student Teacher Residency (STR) involves coordination with STR Program Manager and Seminar Instructors (DPS). Residents range from ECE to Secondary teacher candidates and they earn a CLDE endorsement and take condensed CLDE courses which require syllabi modifications and differentiation. Partnership collaborative efforts include coordination with SEHD undergraduate student advisors, Denver Public Schools, Continuing Professional Education, the Office of Partnerships and the Graduate Student Advisor. STR's BAMA model enables graduates to pursue an MA. STR CLDE instructors also coordinate with mentor teachers to arrange for Residents' school site visits.
Associated Faculty: Sheila Shannon, Nicole Sager, Chris Carson

Nevada Ready! B-3

Funded by the Federal Preschool Development Grant, the primary goals of the project have been to: [a] develop a B-3 Professional Leadership Plan for the State of Nevada; and [b] analyze state policies to identify barriers to alignment across the B-3 (birth through 3rd grade) continuum.
Associated Center: the National P-3 Center, FirstSchool (at FPG Institute, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill), Center for Policy Evaluation at University of Nevada-Reno
Associated Faculty: Kristie Kauerz

Maria Droste Services & UCDenver Counseling Program

Partnership between Maria Droste Services (MDS) and the UC Denver counseling program to create an MOU to provide an internship site placement to meet the needs of our Couples and Family Therapy (CFT) program. An agreement has been made for the Dean to provide clinical supervision as long as MDS provides clinical training sites for the CFT program.
Associated Faculty: Troyann Gentile (UCD), Diane Estrada (UCD), Melody Brown (UCD), Rebecca Kantor (UCD), Sandra Mann (MDS), Michael Webb (MDS)

National Center on Pyramid Model Innovations

This partnership provides professional development though a 4-university partnership with this national center focused on evidence-based practices and systems level supports associated with young children’s development of social emotional competence. The Center is federally funded for 5 years (2017-2022); the project has just begun but intensive and targeted technical assistance will be provided to approximately 6-10 states; professional development resources will be developed/refined and disseminated through the center website and other means for all states.
Associated Faculty: Elizabeth Steed

Colorado Council of Teachers of Mathematics

The Colorado Council of Teachers of Mathematics (CCTM) is a professional organization which provides networking, advocacy, and support for mathematics teachers across the state of Colorado. All Colorado mathematics teachers are welcome to join the organization to connect with colleagues across the state. CCTM is an affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), the largest professional organization of mathematics teachers in the country.
Associated Faculty: Heather Johnson

Mapleton Certificate in Teaching for Linguistic and Cultural Diversity

The partnership offers three graduate level CLDE classes to Mapleton teachers: CLDE 5030 Language Development; CLDE 5050 Assessment and Advocacy for Multilingual Learners; and, CLDE 5820 Teaching Multilingual Learners. Classes are hosted and paid for by Mapleton. The partnership work consists of coordinating schedules, instructors, admission outreach, graduate faculty appointments, FCQs, and course quality, as well as coordinating with CU Denver instructors to mentor Mapleton teachers/administrators to teach the classes.
Associated Faculty: Elizabeth Mahon

DPS ELA Teacher Qualification Classes

The partnership with DPS offers three graduate level CLDE classes to DPS teachers: CLDE 5030 Language Development, CLDE 5050 Assessment and Advocacy for Multilingual Learners, CLDE 5770 Linguistic Analysis of English. Classes are hosted and paid for by DPS. The partnership consists of coordinating schedules, instructors, admission outreach, graduate faculty appointments, FCQs, and course quality, as well as coordinating with CU Denver instructors to mentor DPS teachers/administrators to teach the classes.
Associated Faculty: Elizabeth Mahon
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