Research & Centers

Research and community engagement bring insight into practice and identify relevant problems to study

Each year, the School of Education & Human Development secures millions of dollars in external funding for research projects. Our research is conducted in partnership with schools and communities. Our faculty and doctoral students identify, assess, research and solve problems together. The result? SEHD students are able to learn directly from the professors and teachers who are innovating and redefining best practices in the fields of education and mental health.

Our students have the opportunity to learn from numerous faculty members who are the go-to experts in their field. Our faculty members are engaged in a variety of research and development activities that make lasting improvements in student achievement, for early childhood learners up to adult students.Today, our faculty members’ research spans a wide range of subjects including early childhood education, multilingual education, assessment within STEM programs, fractions and the brain, the right to learn, cultural identities, counselor learning and development, and mobile learning.

Quick Facts:

  • SEHD is at the forefront of the movement to use student outcomes to measure program effectiveness.
  • Research project apprenticeships are a major part of SEHD doctoral students’ research training.
  • SEHD is a campus leader in online and hybrid offerings as well as in the general integration of technology as a tool for supporting instruction delivery.

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