Professional Development Schools

What makes the University of Colorado Denver Teacher Education experience unique? Our program is nationally recognized for having one of the most innovative, collaborative residency-based teacher preparation models where top faculty work side by side with experienced K-12 partner educators to prepare candidates to have a profound impact on the lives of students in our most diverse schools. Candidates “live the life of a teacher” from day one as they quickly become a vital member of the teaching staff at one of our metro area urban professional development schools in Denver or TPREP rural area professional development schools in rural Colorado serving as a teacher candidate intern while simultaneously taking university classes. Each professional development school is committed to becoming an educator preparation site to support the development of teacher candidates, the ongoing growth of practicing educators who mentor and co-teach with teacher candidates, and the overall partnership at the school. A university site professor and school-based teacher leader serving as the site coordinator work collaboratively to support the partnership at each school.

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