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Partnerships at the School of Education and Human Development

Maria Droste Services & UCDenver Counseling Program

Associated Faculty: Troyann Gentile (UCD), Diane Estrada (UCD), Melody Brown (UCD), Rebecca Kantor (UCD), Sandra Mann (MDS), Michael Webb (MDS)
Focus: Counseling and human development
About the Partnership: Partnership between Maria Droste Services (MDS) and the UC Denver counseling program to create an MOU to provide an internship site placement to meet the needs of our Couples and Family Therapy (CFT) program. An agreement has been made for the Dean to provide clinical supervision as long as MDS provides clinical training sites for the CFT program. 

Scope and Impact

Geographic Focus: Suburban
Scale: State
Begin year: 2018
Community partners: 5
Teachers: 15
Families: 100
Total participants: 200
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