Partnerships are the heartbeat of the School of Education & Human Development. They bring life to the preparation of our students, the research of our faculty and graduate students, and enable us to continually engage with schools, districts, community and human service organizations in ways that simultaneously renew and transform our work and the lives of children, families and adults alike.

The School of Education & Human Development has a 25+ year history of working in close partnership with schools and communities to support educator preparation, counseling and human development, ongoing professional learning for practitioners, research and evaluation, and technical assistance. Our partnerships are grounded in deep relationships with each school, district and organization, seeking to understand their context, their strengths and assets, and how our work together can positively impact everyone involved. Our school’s Office of Partnerships is responsible for facilitating and coordinating collaborations with districts, schools and the broader community to support all clinical experiences for undergraduate and graduate teacher candidates across multiple teacher education pathways and brings synergy to the broader partnership efforts within SEHD.

An early childhood educator explains how a miniature smartboard works to a young child.

Professional Development Schools

Our partner schools allow our aspiring educators to gain real-world, mentored experience before graduation.

A counsellor, his fingers interlocked, looks upon a patient with a gentle understanding and acknowledgement

Student & Community Counseling Center

Our school also takes the lead in educating culturally competent counselors with state-of-the-art training — and then goes beyond.

3 faculty colleagues discuss a large piece of paper, and it's implications

Center for Practice Engaged Education Research

C-PEER facilitates collaboration among researchers, educators and the community in order to understand what works in education and to improve supports and outcomes for learners of every age.

teacher stands at the head of the class as students look on enraptured

T-PREP: The Partnership for Rural Educator Preparation

Supporting education in rural Colorado, customizing services and supports for teacher preparation, induction, and professional development.