Those in this degree come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but have the common thread of questioning status quo and striving to explore ‘what works’ in order to improve our educational system. This program is very practitioner-focused so you’ll learn quantitative and qualitative methods along with ways to combine these. There is a strong focus on improvement and evaluation of current practices, programs and policies. You will also learn how to analyze quantitative and qualitative data, including how to take information in from large scale assessments to include teacher voice and the needs of schools.

Research & Evaluation Methods - Assessment

Degree Earned: MA Campus: CU Denver Contemporary teachers design their students’ learning experiences based upon knowing each and every learner in their classroom through formative and summative assessment. CU Denver’s University of Colorado Denver’s MA in Research and Evaluation Methods with a concentration in assessment provides an opportunity for classroom teachers and school and central office administrators to develop deep knowledge about and skills to conduct assessment to inform teaching.

Doctor of Philosophy in Education and Human Development - Research, Assessment, & Evaluation

Degree Earned: PhD Campus: CU Denver ​The call for meaningful data use and research understanding in educational contexts is strong and relentless—whether it is to practice formative assessment in the teaching/learning cycle, to evaluate classrooms, buildings or districts’ ability to support their students’ achievement or for leaders to strategically plan for their organizations. Join CU Denver’s doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education and Human Development concentration in research, assessment and evaluation to become exceptionally data savvy while collaborating with top faculty in the field.