A master teacher is made, not born.

If you feel a passion to teach and are driven to make a positive impact on students’ lives, this is the program that lets you launch your new career in as little as a year while delivering a level of preparation that puts you ahead. Learning from dedicated teachers and award-winning faculty in a residency program perfected and proven through 25 years of ongoing work with partner schools make our program – and our graduates – stand out.

Why should I choose this option?

This MAT + teaching license program is a full-time program. Candidates progress as a member of a cohort that begins in either summer or fall. The teacher licensure coursework combines on-campus learning with in-school experiences.

Our residencies deliver deeper learning because we've been working with our partner schools for over 25 years.

Our graduates’ level of preparedness is equivalent to that of a more experienced and confident teacher. That’s because at CU Denver’s School of Education & Human Development, you don’t just learn from anyone, you learn from the best. Further, because of our urban location and emphasis on teaching in diverse contexts, our graduates are ready to lead – and make a difference – in any classroom.

As one of the top education schools in the country, we're proud to help people like you become teachers.

You’ll be surrounded by other committed, talented students who are determined to make a positive impact in the classroom. They are drawn to our program because they want a deeper level of preparedness –one that will allow them to give their best to every student, every day.

Launch your new teaching career quickly.

Our program offers different start times and program lengths in order to accommodate your personal obligations. In fact, it’s possible to complete our program in as little as one year.

I love helping my students explore real-world scientific questions to develop their thinking around scientific topics. It’s all about inquiry! Whether we’re learning to embrace the advantages of wind power, participating in NASA’s Student Involvement Program or tracking recycling and energy conservation efforts at our school, I like to create hands-on, cooperative science learning environments that help my students think in new ways. - Chantel Astler, MA + Teacher Licensure and recipient of the 2012 Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching