A master's with more choices means a career with more opportunities.

What is the Personalized Professional Master’s Degree?

CU Denver’s Personalized Professional Master’s Degree provides an innovative approach tailored to the needs of modern educators and human development professionals. It gives you the opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills in your chosen field while also providing the chance to personalize your education with a customized curriculum of interdisciplinary courses. With a Personalized Professional Master’s Degree, you will gain a solid foundation for success combined with skills that fit your educational needs and unique goals.

Why Should I Choose this Option?

Most MA programs tell you what to take regardless of what you need to advance your career and what you might be interested in learning.

But, our Personalized Professional Master’s Degree program is unique. We offer you the opportunity to use half of your credits to deepen your knowledge and skills in your chosen professional field and use the other half your credits to choose interdisciplinary courses that invite you to pursue your curiosities, or to address areas you feel you need to improve.