Counseling Program Mission Statement

The Mission of the Counseling program at the University of Colorado Denver is to educate competent counselors who value inclusion and prize diversity such that they are prepared to offer a continuum of mental health services across a variety of settings for the benefit of the community and society.

Counseling - School Counseling​​​

Degree Earned: MA License Campus: CU Denver Is it your desire to be an advocate for adolescents and children from all backgrounds in this diverse and ever changing society? Is it your goal to support students’ personal, social, educational and vocational goals? The need for qualified school counselors is in high demand as the commitment to mental health in schools intensifies and school counselors take on expanded roles. CU Denver’s MA in Counseling with a concentration in school counseling prepares competent school counselors who value inclusion and diversity in their communities.

Counseling - Clinical Mental Health

Degree Earned: MA Campus: CU Denver The need for more professionals who are prepared and licensed to provide mental health counseling to clients is growing in Colorado and beyond. Are you interested in providing mental health counseling to a wide range of diverse clients to create a positive change in your community? CU Denver’s MA in Counseling with a concentration in clinical mental health prepares you to serve clients with a range of backgrounds in settings such as mental health centers, private practices, substance abuse centers, hospitals, correctional facilities and hospice services.

Counseling - Couple and Family Counseling/Therapy

Degree Earned: MA Campus: CU Denver If your commitment is to support couples and families as a trained and licensed therapist, our Counseling MA with a concentration in couple and family counseling/therapy prepares students for careers as couple and family therapists. Our graduates treat relationship and emotional challenges, while promoting optimum relational health through a systemic, holistic approach. Our faculty members will prepare you to prize human diversity and to offer a continuum of mental health services across a variety of settings for the benefit of the community and society.

Counseling - Higher Education and Student Affairs

Degree Earned: MA Campus: CU Denver University of Colorado Denver’s highly acclaimed graduate Counseling program offers a concentration in higher education and student affairs (HESA) that prepares you to lead and make a difference in higher education, with an emphasis on serving culturally diverse and underrepresented students. We are the only program in the state with a strong focus on student development and student success for diverse students with equity and inclusion as key emphases.

Counseling Graduate Outcomes


Graduates in the Past Year

Five-Year Completion Rate*

Exam Pass Rate**

Job Placement Rate***

School Counseling





Clinical Mental Health Counseling





Couple and Family Counseling/Therapy





Last updated 09/2019

* The current rate includes students who started their program in 2011, 2012, and 2013.
** For School and Clinical Mental Health Counseling the Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination pass rate of our graduates is used. For Couple and Family Counseling/Therapy the information comes from the 2019 alumni survey. The rate includes the students who reported passing the National Marital and Family Therapy Examination or their state's equivalent licensing exam.
*** Job placement rate is a three-year average of the data collected from alumni surveys. The rate includes the recent alumni (survey it sent to students who graduated in prior year) who said they were employed in a position related to their program.