Research & Evaluation Methods

The need for experts in the areas of statistical and qualitative research practice and data analysis has exploded in educational, psychological and social science fields. To meet this demand, University of Colorado Denver offers a fully online MA in Research and Evaluation Methods (REM), a PhD concentration in REM, an upcoming Research Leadership EdD concentration, as well as stand-alone certificates. Using high-quality research and evaluation, data-driven decisions, and the dissemination of evidence-based research, our students make a difference in schools, social programs and community organizations. Our graduates become researchers, evaluators, consultants and school leaders in Colorado and throughout the world.

Our faculty members are dedicated mentors who also take significant leadership roles in the wider field of academic research, program evaluation and partnered community research. We give you strong theoretical training, extensive research opportunities and a wide range of practical experiences. We are committed to broadening the diversity of students in this field and to being strong advocates of social justice.

Our Students

Our courses are positioned in educational and social science settings but transcend specific content areas. Roughly 60% of our students are employed in educational settings (ECE, pK-12, higher education, library science, and informal education (i.e. museums), outdoor education, etc.), 20% in health and psychology settings (i.e. mental health, public health, disability services), and 20% are focused on social justice research and evaluation about families, communities and society.

REM Certificate Students – Certificate students can be non-degree seeking, undergraduate, master’s, PhD, PsyD, and EdD students who want to add to their skillset. Specifically, these students will highlight expertise in statistical modeling, applied measurement, qualitative methods and analysis, program evaluation, culturally responsive methods, and/or classroom assessment.

Master’s Students in REM – Our master’s students want to work in a research/evaluation organization, typically starting in an entry-level position. These students gain an introduction and experiences with research, evaluation, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and measurement techniques. Students may choose to add a certificate to gain deeper expertise in a specific area of study. Alumni work in educational research organizations and consulting firms, school districts research and assessment offices, ECE programs/organizations, university assessment offices, university internal review boards, government organizations, and non-profit organizations.

PhD Students in REM – Our PhD students want to start in mid-level and leadership roles in a research/evaluation organization and/or become faculty members and/or create a private consulting practice. These students gain expertise in research and evaluation methods, advanced quantitative, qualitative, and measurement analysis, as well as multiple research/evaluation and teaching experiences. Alumni careers include faculty, research directors in research corporations, research associates in evaluation institutes, university institutional research departments, Colorado Department of Education, leadership roles in higher education, national research consultant for Museums, and create non-profit organizations.

The faculty in the School of Education & Human Development have been supportive throughout my PhD journey. They provide a space that welcomes and nourishes student diversity, perspectives, and autonomy. - Ngoc Phan, PhD, MA, Graduation date: May 2023
I found a supportive and encouraging community of faculty and peers. I am a “first-generation” individual and remember the sense of anxiety and unease that can accompany a new environment. Even as a PhD student, I sometimes felt I didn’t belong, but all my instructors were committed to my success. In fact, almost two years later, I am still collaborating with several SEHD faculty who were central to my PhD work. - Janice Thorpe, PhD, Graduation date: December 2020

Master of Arts in Research and Evaluation Methods

Degree Earned: MA Classroom Type: Fully Online Online and on campus classes MA students come from a variety of backgrounds with the common thread of questioning status quo and exploring ‘what works’ in their field. This program is very practitioner-focused providing an opportunity for those who are interested in improving schools, social programs, and community organizations through high-quality research and evaluation, data-driven decisions and the dissemination of evidence-based research.

Graduate Certificate in Applied Measurement

Degree Earned: Graduate Certificate Classroom Type: Fully Online Online and on campus classes Learn to measure the abstract variables used in daily decision-making. This involves deep critical thinking skills and the ability to combine statistical learning with understandings of human behavior. Individuals working in social sciences, education and mental health and who want to deepen their knowledge of diversity, respect, equity and inclusiveness may be particularly interested in this offering.
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