Learning Design & Technology

The Learning Design & Technology (LDT) MA and certificate programs are designed to flexibly address various professional roles and settings. The certificate programs allow for differentiation based on your unique learning and professional interests and goals. Each certificate program may be completed for professional learning without pursuing the LDT MA or may be completed and combined to meet the partial requirements of our 30-credit hour online LDT MA; people may complete one or two certificates and apply--or stack--them to meet the requirements of the LDT MA, leaving only a few courses to complete for graduation. Each certificate may be completed in one year or less, with the LDT MA completed in two years. This unique approach allows you to complete relevant certificates on your way to the MA.

The LDT certificate programs offer a way for professionals to develop specific high-demand knowledge- and skill-sets within the LDT professional community of practice, based on their own professional interests and goals. For example, the certificate programs are appropriate for:

  • Professionals who already have graduate degrees may complete certificate programs to update their knowledge- and skill-set.
  • Professionals in a different discipline may complete certificate programs to add to their knowledge- and skill-set.
  • Professionals in an educational setting who wish to shift to another educational setting may complete certificate programs to add to their knowledge- and skill-set.
  • Professionals who do not have a graduate degree, and are not sure they want one but do want to add to their knowledge- and skill-set.

In addition, because the certificate programs are fully online, professionals from all over the world may participate.

Master of Arts in Learning Design & Technology, Digital Media for Teaching and Learning, St. Vrain Valley School District Cohort

Degree Earned: MA Classroom Type: Online and on campus classes Equips educators with teacher leadership skills which include inquiry-based learning design, mentoring and coaching strategies, professional learning design and facilitation strategies, and knowledge of emerging technologies that will engage students and colleagues in today’s flipped classrooms, remote, and hybrid learning environments.
The LDT program has taught me and exposed me to a lot of experiences useful in my career. First, I joined the program in the hope that I would learn the technology and design that I would apply in my classes. I achieved this objective as I have learned multiple tools and creative design skills I did not know at the beginning of a program. Also, I have had the opportunity to interact with multiple professionals and qualified instructional designers, from whom I learned a lot, including instruction designs, learning models, and website designs that would suit many learners, among others. Therefore, I’m highly certain that the skills and experiences I have acquired in this program will blend in well with the job requirements and responsibilities in my career. - Claudia Bullon, Spring 2020 MA graduate
Coming to the end of this program is bittersweet. While I am incredibly excited to finish and earn my degree, I am sad that I will no longer be in a constant learning environment. I have had the pleasure of having amazing instructors for all of my courses. Each learning experience was unique and I have truly enjoyed the entire journey. I know that this degree will open many doors for me, as this field can be relayed to a job position in every industry. I am grateful that I had a wonderful experience that has given me the knowledge and skills I need to advance on a career path that I am passionate about. - Karen Gonzales, Spring 2020 MA graduate
As is likely true for many in my cohort, I was inspired to enter this program to grow professionally and personally. The concepts of life-long learning,Communities of Practice, and building learning networks were very new to me, but I feel they have helped me to reboot my professional identity and learn how to belong and be in proximity with other learning and technology professionals. As I begin a new job in an exciting organization, I know I will continue to mine the learning and connections I have created with my peers and professors and be able to contribute to an ever-widening circle of LDT’ers from this program. Thank you very much for the guidance, feedback, and support each of you has provided to me and my colleagues. - Vicki Murray-Kurzban, Spring 2020 MA graduate
This was an incredible life-changing learning experience for me. Not only did this program allow me to come out of my shell creatively and encourage the exploration of digital tools, my confidence increased tremendously in my skill and competency. I am excited for the prospects of continuing educational growth in learning design. Thank you for your role in my education and learning process! - Hethyr Fouse, Spring 2020 MA graduate
My experience in the LDT program has been extremely valuable and I appreciate the support and instruction I have received along the way. I feel much more prepared as an educator and I am better equipped to be a leader in eLearning and design in any context (K-12, adult learning). One of my main goals in enrolling in the LDT program was to become a leader in an educational environment that is constantly changing and evolving. I knew that by keeping a status quo mindset in my career in education would potentially result in burnout. I wanted to grow as a professional within the field of education, so I analyzed ways in which I could do this. The first thing that came to mind was educational technologies. In the LDT program, I can positively say that I achieved this goal. - Kevin McDougall, Spring 2020 MA graduate
As I reflect on my experience in the Learning Design & Technology program, I realize that I have not only grown in the [professional] competency areas, but have gained new confidence in my role as an adult educator and instructional designer. Many of my projects meet multiple competencies, and it’s rewarding to have one place to showcase these accomplishments. I’ve learned to utilize new tools, seek research and advice, and collaborate with others under pressure. My instructors have been instrumental in pushing me outside of my comfort zone and providing me with detailed and necessary feedback to be successful. I am thankful for this experience and the relationships I have formed throughout this journey. My educational experience has provided me with the experience, knowledge, and skills to grow as a professional and navigate new roles. - Jessica Zhivotovsky, Training Specialist, RingCentral & Spring 2020 MA graduate
The Learning Design & Technology Program has helped me discover new talents, opportunities, and goals for my future. When I began the program, I saw it as a direct pathway toward gaining a higher salary and possibly a district-level position, such as a Learning and Technology Coach or Instructional Technology Coordinator. While these are still options moving forward, I am now interested in a wider range of careers, such as teaching at the college level, developing curriculum, or creating and facilitating professional development. The skills learned and knowledge acquired have helped immensely in my current role and will continue to help as I someday look for new opportunities. I am excited about the newfound confidence and possibilities that this program has helped me discover, and I know that these outlooks will continue to evolve beyond graduation. - Jodi Garner, Spring 2020 MA graduate
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