Endorsement, Middle School Math

Degree Earned: Endorsement Designed for currently licensed teachers seeking career advancement and a deeper understanding of how to engage middle school students in math. This endorsement gives teachers the unique qualifications needed to support and challenge students with diverse abilities and backgrounds.

Master of Science in Mathematics Education

Degree Earned: MS Designed for licensed teachers who want to delve into mathematics theory while developing research-based teaching practices that support students' mathematics learning.

Master of Arts in Teaching, Secondary Math (License)

Degree Earned: MA License Prepares educators to become effective, knowledgeable, and technology-savvy math teachers. Features a residency program perfected and proven through almost 30 years of ongoing work with partner schools. Graduates are equipped with state-of-the-art mathematics pedagogies, with a strong focus on technology integration and on equity in reaching diverse students.

Master of Arts in STEM Education, Science

Degree Earned: MA Prepares licensed practicing teachers to think critically about the nature of science education from a research-oriented perspective. Graduates are positioned to be leaders in their communities and in diverse schools.

Doctor of Philosophy in Education and Human Development, Science Education

Degree Earned: PhD Prepares candidates to explore, understand, and think critically about the nature of science and science education from a largely research-oriented perspective. The program prepares graduates to become equity-focused, highly knowledgeable leaders in science research and education, fostering experiential learning and exploration in all learners.