Endorsement, Reading Teacher

Degree Earned: Endorsement Prepares individuals to meet the requirements of the revised Colorado READ Act. The program enhances literacy instruction skills and credentials while providing advanced knowledge and evidence-based training to work with diverse student populations on developing their reading, writing, and oral language skills.

Master of Arts in Literacy Education, English Education

Degree Earned: MA Prepares educators to work with diverse adolescents in different settings and help them develop an appreciation for literature and writing. The approach integrates many areas of knowledge that underlie effective teaching of English to serve the needs of today's diverse student population, building on students' languages, abilities, cultures, and real-world experiences.

Graduate Certificate in Early Literacy

Degree Earned: Graduate Certificate Equips preschool and primary grade teachers and para-educators with advanced skills in the development, assessment, and instruction of literacy for young learners. The certificate includes methods that help all learners-including those who are linguistically or culturally diverse-gain important literacy skills.