Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Leadership, Buell Program

Degree Earned: Graduate Certificate Prepares students to become influential leaders who will transform the landscape of early childhood education. The coursework focuses on leadership practices specific to child development, learning organizations, and community and systems change that advance equity, excellence, and opportunity among all young children and families. Generously funded by the Buell Foundation.

Administrator, Executive Leadership

Degree Earned: License Prepares educators to take all required licensure exams, opening the door to executive roles-such as president, superintendent, and others-at the district level. Educators receive the skills needed to lead districts to be inclusive, highly effective, and future-ready.

Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis

Degree Earned: Graduate Certificate Offers an opportunity to become ABA certified to those who are passionate about identifying and championing the strengths and assets of children with differing abilities.

Bachelor of Arts in French, World Languages (License)

Degree Earned: BA License Instills the essential content and education theory needed to be an effective French teacher and expand the world views, language development, interpretation skills, and creative thinking of students in grades 7 - 12.

Bachelor of Arts in English, Secondary English (License)

Degree Earned: BA License Equips future teachers with valuable content knowledge to teach in the broad field of English studies (literature, film, and writing and rhetoric), while seeking secondary English licensure through the Teacher Education Program.

Bachelor of Arts in Education and Human Development, Early Childhood Education (License)

Degree Earned: BA License Prepares future teachers to work in inclusive and diverse early learning environments with young children (infancy through age eight). Graduates attain practices that embrace the whole child in culturally and linguistically diverse public school or community-based early childhood education settings, emphasizing family-centered practices.