Doctor of Philosophy in Education and Human Development, Science Education

Degree Earned: PhD Prepares candidates to explore, understand, and think critically about the nature of science and science education from a largely research-oriented perspective. The program prepares graduates to become equity-focused, highly knowledgeable leaders in science research and education, fostering experiential learning and exploration in all learners.

Master of Arts in Counseling, School Counseling​​​

Degree Earned: MA License Prepares advocates for adolescents and children to become competent school counselors who value inclusion and diversity in their communities. Graduates help meet the high demand for qualified counseling professionals as the commitment to addressing mental health in schools intensifies and counselors take on expanded roles.

Master of Arts in Research and Evaluation Methods

Degree Earned: MA Provides an opportunity for those interested in improving the quality of education in schools and community organizations, using high-quality research and evaluation, data-driven decisions, and the dissemination of evidence-based research.

Endorsement, Reading Teacher

Degree Earned: Endorsement Prepares individuals to meet the requirements of the revised Colorado READ Act. The program enhances literacy instruction skills and credentials while providing advanced knowledge and evidence-based training to work with diverse student populations on developing their reading, writing, and oral language skills.

Principal License

Degree Earned: License Designed for elementary or secondary educators interested in obtaining a principal license. This path to leadership develops in-depth understanding about roles and responsibilities, contemporary educational issues, collaboration within and across communities, and a thorough awareness of the legal, financial, and political dimensions of schools and school districts.

Master of Arts in STEM Education, Math

Degree Earned: MA Positions teachers to work successfully in leadership roles in urban and diverse schools and understand the important role mathematics play in students' lives. Graduates help meet the high demand for qualified, effective mathematics teachers. Core Courses are fully online. You may choose elective courses in on-campus, hybrid and fully online formats.

Doctor of Philosophy in Education and Human Development, Mathematics Education

Degree Earned: PhD Equips candidates to become leaders, faculty members, and researchers at the forefront of change as a critical shortage of mathematics teachers and lagging student achievement levels give way to new understandings about how children learn simple, complex mathematical concepts over the arc of their schooling experience.

Doctor of Education in Leadership for Educational Equity, Mathematics Education

Degree Earned: EdD Equips school leaders to design strategies and pedagogies for improvement in teaching and learning mathematics. The training focuses on research methods that are practice-oriented and conducted through the Doctoral Research Projects (DRP) to address issues of equity in math education and understand the relationship between teacher professional development and student learning.

Counselor License

Degree Earned: License Designed for graduates of the MA in counseling program in all three tracks- Clinical Mental Health, Couples and Family Counseling, and School Counseling-to prepare for several counseling licenses in Colorado and nationally. Advanced students are eligible to start taking licensure exams prior to graduation.

Master of Arts in Leadership for Educational Organizations, Principal (License)

Degree Earned: MA License Prepares district leaders for future-ready schools. Equipped with a focus on diversity and social justice and the skills and knowledge to develop a vision for a successful school, graduates pursue careers as elementary, middle, or high school principals and administrators to realize change at school and community levels.

Minor in Human Development and Family Relations

Degree Earned: Minor Designed to enhance your academic and career options, CU Denver’s minor in Human Development and Family Relations prepares undergraduate students to serve culturally and linguistically diverse families and individuals in a variety of community and social service settings.