Faculty Directory


Sally Nathenson-Mejia PhD

Associate Professor Emerita

Julie Oxenford-O'Brian PhD

Co-Director, Center for Practice Engaged Education Research Executive Director, SEHD Assessment and Program Improvement

Leslie Prock

Senior Instructor

Chelynn Randolph PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor Clinical Coordinator

Patrick Romani PhD, BCBA-D

Verified Course Sequence Coordinator

Lori Ryan PhD

Clinical Associate Professor, Early Childhood Education

Elena Sandoval-Lucero PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor, Leadership for Educational Organizations

Diana Schaack

Assistant Professor, Learning, Developmental & Family Sciences

Kathryn Schamu

Alternative Licensure Instructor

Ellen Schreivogel

T-PREP Residency Coordinator at OJC

Kent Seidel

Associate Professor, Research & Evaluation Methods

Barbara Seidl

Associate Dean for Teacher Education and Undergraduate Experiences

Sheila Shannon PhD

Associate Professor Emerita

Lucinda Soltero-Gonzalez

Associate Professor, Literacy Education Co-Associate Editor, Bilingual Research Journal

Rachel Stein

Clinical Assistant Professor

Dane Stickney PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor

Tom Su PhD, LMFT

Clinical Assistant Professor
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