Vlasin, Rebecca

Rebecca Vlasin

Clinical Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education
  • Affiliate Faculty, Learning Developmental & Family Sciences, Leadership for Educational Organizations
  • School of Education & Human Development

Dr. Rebecca Vlasin is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education at the University of Colorado-Denver. She lives in Boulder with her twelve-year old son (Jack) and her adopted dog (Ozzie). Her oldest son (Koby) is a student at the University of San Diego. She joined the Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program faculty in 2013 while earning her doctorate and working as a fulltime professional in the field. Her executive experience includes two decades of strategic and day-to-day leadership at Clayton Early Learning. At Clayton, she enjoyed partnering to create and deliver meaningful early learning programming, training, coaching and evaluation services across Colorado. Her applied focus is on building inclusive systems that empower constructivist leadership, data-utilization possibilities and transformative practices in schools and non-profits. Her scholarly research interests include understanding the potential of embedded professional learning to humanize and honor the rights of children alongside the voices of educators, families and communities. She grew up in rural southwest Nebraska and taught at the University of Nebraska and Iowa State University prior to moving to Colorado in 1998.