Educational Specialist in Leadership for Educational Organizations, Principal (License)

Degree Earned: EdS License Designed for individuals whose next career goal is to become a school principal. It is well-suited for individuals who already have a master's degree plus a teaching license or a master's degree with a special services license. Graduates receive the skills critical to success as a leader and to encourage diversity, equity, and social justice at elementary, middle, or high schools.

Principal License

Degree Earned: License Designed for elementary or secondary educators interested in obtaining a principal license. This path to leadership develops in-depth understanding about roles and responsibilities, contemporary educational issues, collaboration within and across communities, and a thorough awareness of the legal, financial, and political dimensions of schools and school districts.

Master of Arts in Leadership for Educational Organizations, Principal (License)

Degree Earned: MA License Prepares district leaders for future-ready schools. Equipped with a focus on diversity and social justice and the skills and knowledge to develop a vision for a successful school, graduates pursue careers as elementary, middle, or high school principals and administrators to realize change at school and community levels.

Doctor of Education in Leadership for Educational Equity, Executive Leadership

Degree Earned: EdD License Offers a unique opportunity for current and aspiring leaders in districts, schools, and other educational organizations to study with nationally and internationally known scholars and practitioners. Coursework focuses on knowledge and skills around managing talent and finances, building strategic partnerships, leading innovation and change, and planning for future-ready schools and organizations.