Early Childhood Special Education Specialist License

Degree Earned: License Offers a perfect fit for those interested in providing culturally responsive, family-centered, developmentally effective early education for children with disabilities in an inclusive setting. Specialists in early childhood special education are in high demand in Colorado and nationally, and play an important role as both lead teachers and specialists who support classroom teachers.

Endorsement, Special Education Generalist

Degree Earned: Endorsement Prepares teachers holding an initial license to identify and champion the strengths and assets of individuals ages 5 - 21 with differing abilities, including those with identified disabilities. Designed for teachers who want an endorsement but are not seeking a master's, equipping them with impactful and effective skills for leading inclusive classrooms and collaborating with other professionals.

Endorsement, Early Childhood Special Education Specialist

Degree Earned: Endorsement Designed for teachers with early childhood, elementary, or special education licenses to advance and deepen their expertise in educating young children with special needs and supporting their families. On-campus, hybrid, or fully online formats are available. Recipients become lead teachers in classrooms or specialists supporting classroom teachers.
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