Graduate Certificate in Early Literacy

Degree Earned: Graduate Certificate Equips preschool and primary grade teachers and para-educators with advanced skills in the development, assessment, and instruction of literacy for young learners. The certificate includes methods that help all learners-including those who are linguistically or culturally diverse-gain important literacy skills.

Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis

Degree Earned: Graduate Certificate Offers an opportunity to become a board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA) to those who are passionate about identifying and championing the strengths and assets of children with differing abilities.
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ECE Educator Scholarships

ECE Educator Scholarships, administered by the Colorado Department of Higher Education in collaboration with Colorado Department of Early Childhood, are designed for early childhood education students living in Colorado who are pursuing dedicated coursework, certificates and degrees up to a master’s degree. Awards vary dependent upon credit hours of enrollment and program. All eligible students receive some funding.

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