Overall Program Objectives

Program Objective #1

(Cultural responsiveness and Advocacy) The program will exhibit a commitment to cultural responsiveness and advocacy, and will prepare students to practice professional counseling in diverse settings and with diverse client populations, as well as through curriculum content and student composition.

Program Objective #2

(Professional Practice) The program will prepare students to apply, in an ethical manner, culturally responsive, evidence-based frameworks to their understanding and practice of professional counseling, as well as to the larger systems that affect the counseling profession and the clients they serve.

Program Objective #3

(Professional Behavior and Ethics) The program will prepare students for LPC, LMFT and/or School Counseling licensure in Colorado, through its commitment to providing the knowledge, skills and ethical practices of culturally appropriate diagnosis, treatment, referral, and prevention of mental and emotional disorders.

Program Objective #4

(Knowledge, Research, and Evaluation) The program will prepare students to be skilled, knowledgeable, and culturally responsive professional counselors who implement evidence-based practices informed by research.

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