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Graduate Certificate in Teaching for Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

School of Education & Human Development


Degree: Graduate Certificate

Clasroom Type: Online and on campus classes

Provides content-area teachers (math, science, social studies, etc.) with a foundation of teaching content for multilingual students. The certificate is also valuable to content-area coaches or administrators with a commitment to diversity and social justice, and who provide support for teachers with multilingual learners in K - 12 classrooms.

Program Details

Interest Categories: Education & Counseling

Campus: CU Denver

What you'll learn

University of Colorado Denver's Teaching for Cultural and Linguistic Diversity graduate certificate provides a foundation in understanding learning and development in multilingual learning settings. The program is designed for content-area teachers (math, science, social studies, etc.) who have multilingual learners in their classes to insure their teaching is as effective, relevant and responsive as possible. This certificate is also valuable to content-area coaches or administrators with a commitment to diversity and social justice, who provide support for teachers with multilingual learners in K-12 classrooms. The certificate is designed to equip you with the tools needed to design learning experiences and teaching strategies that support students with diverse languages, cultures and abilities in the classroom.

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This certificate is designed as a three course sequence and may be earned in one year. Courses do not need to be taken in sequence and students can begin the series with any of the three courses.

Students are required to complete three of the five listed courses: 9 credit hours

CLDE 5030: Language Development of Multilingual Learners: Advanced

This course offers a deep investigation of the relationship between language and literacy acquisition. In the context of first and second language development across the life span, the course focuses on bilingual and second language development, and on the acquisition of literacy by young children.

CLDE 5070: Linguistic Analysis of English

A descriptive linguistic approach to English grammar with a functionalist view of language and discourse processing. The course examines the historical evolution of English from its origins and the impact this has had on its grammar and syntax. A critical applied linguistic perspective is included focusing on language variation and status. Provides a framework for understanding, identifying and describing the major features of English (in particular) and language (in general). 3 credits

CLDE 5050: Assessment & Advocacy for Multilingual Learners

Students learn to gather and use assessment results within a strengths-based framework to advocate for appropriate programming, placement, instruction, and ongoing progress monitoring of multilingual students. Special attention is paid to linguistic and cultural bias in the field of assessment. 3 credits

LCRT 5770: Effective Literacy Instruction for Diverse Learners

Focuses on exploring, applying and evaluating research-based instructional models and learning strategies for teaching literacy to diverse learners. Students develop a professional practice of providing instruction to support oral language, academic reading, and academic writing for native speakers of English, multilingual and bi-dialectal learners of English.

CLDE 5820: Teaching Multilingual Learners, Advanced

This course focuses on the hands-on practical application of methods and techniques that support language, academic and identity development for bilingual learners. Course work includes critical perspectives on teaching techniques, investigations into the research on teaching techniques in multilingual education, as well as an emphasis on teachers taking leadership in the field of CLDE. 3 credits

Recommended Completion Time:1 year

Required Credits for Completion:9 Credits


The certificate will appear on the student's transcript upon successful completion of the course unless the student is already enrolled in an SEHD degree program. If a student is currently enrolled in an SEHD degree program and is taking certificate courses, the certificate will appear on the student's transcript if no more than 3 credit hours are used to meet degree requirements. Our nationally and internationally recognized certificates are exceptions to this policy, this includes the certificate for Applied Behavior Analysis.

Students must have a grade of C or better in all classes applied toward their certificate and a cumulative GPA of 3.0 (B average) or higher for the certificate to be transcribed. Particular district-related certificates require a grade of B or better for certificate transcription. In some cases, courses with a grade of C may not count toward a master's degree, depending on specific degree program requirements.