Application Requirements

All items listed below must be completed and submitted in order for your application to receive full consideration.
You must have or been offered a teaching position in order to apply to ASPIRE.

To be eligible for partial reimbursement of your ASPIRE enrollment deposit, complete the TEACH Colorado fee reimbursement form linked below.

1. Background Information

All applicants must complete the Background Information form. Please do not complete this form if you have not been offered or currently hold a teaching position. Otherwise, you will need to resubmit the information once you obtain a job.

2. Statement of Interest

All applicants are required to submit a personal statement of interest. Your statement should be approximately one page, typed, single-spaced; please include your name and title at the top of the page. Please write a short statement stating why you want to become a teacher in your district. Please address the following:
  • Your educational goals and professional goals
  • Your past work experiences in education and other fields
  • Why you should be considered for this program
  • Lifestyle challenges you anticipate when you enter the program
  • What assistance you might need

3. Resume

All applicants are required to submit a resume.

Please include:

  • Professional certificates
  • Educational degrees
  • Professional experiences
  • Relevant awards, publications, presentations, & achievements

4. Contract/Letter of Offer

All applicants must submit a Contract or Letter of Offer. Your contract or letter of offer must be signed and dated by you and your current employer. It will also need to verify current employment of 51% or more in your endorsement area.

University of Colorado Denver
School of Education & Human Development
Continuing and Professional Education
PO Box 173364
Denver, CO 80217-3364

5. Transcripts

All applicants are required to submit their official degree conferred transcript from your undergraduate program.

6. PLACE/Praxis Exam Results (or Transcript review verification)

All applicants must submit evidence that you are highly qualified to teach in your endorsement area. This includes one of the following:

  • Completed Content Review Sheet for your endorsement area (if you are going through the transcript review process)
  • Official PLACE/Praxis Score reports.

Important Information: Sending us your PLACE/Praxis Exam Scores

  • When you sign up to take your PLACE/Praxis exam, please mark to send your scores to: The University of Colorado Denver - ASPIRE (ALT) - Code: 4936
  • If you have already take the official PLACE/Praxis exam and have not sent them to the University, please send your official exam score reports to

For more information on the PLACE/Praxis exams visit the Colorado Department of Education Approved Content Tests Page and download the Educator Preparation List of Providers for Colorado Approved Praxis Exams.

For more information in regards to the Content/Endorsement Area Review Sheets go to the Colorado Department of Education Endorsement Requirements page.

7. Statement of Assurance

All applicants must submit the CDE’s Statement of Assurance (SOA).

Download and fill out the Statement of Assurance Form - Teacher

Please complete the Applicant/Candidate (green) section of the SOA form, then have your school’s HR office complete the School/District (dark gray) section, lastly email back to us so ASPIRE can complete the Designated Agency/Program (light gray) section.

The dates for the agreement period must be for the 2021-2022 school year and have a specific end date (mm/dd/yyyy).


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ASPIRE continues to meet and exceed all of my expectations as a first-year teacher. I love the consistent support I receive from my Instructor. I can bring her any on-the-job question or concern and she will give me guidance and a fresh perspective. I could not be having a better experience and I recommend this program to anyone pursuing an Alternative Teaching License. - Anna , ASPIRE Candidate