Research & Evaluation Methods Research Showcase

The REM program is excited to host our 2020 Student Research Showcase! Our MA and PhD program teaches students to become experts in quantitative, qualitative, measurement, evaluation, and mixed methodologies. These presentations highlight the research and evaluation work of our doctoral students and create a unique opportunity for us to share our work with each other.

The Differentiated Impact of Distributed Leadership for Novice and Experienced Teachers

Date: 8/16/2020
Student Researchers: Miriam Howland Cummings

Using a statewide survey administered to K-12 teachers in public schools, two structural equation models were developed to examine distributed leadership and its relationship to novice and experienced teachers’ job satisfaction. The first model indicated a direct path between distributed leadership and job satisfaction; the second model introduced satisfaction with leadership as a mediator. Group comparison showed significant differences between novice and experienced teachers, suggesting that distributed leadership has a more direct effect on job satisfaction for experienced teachers, while for novice teachers, the effect of distributed leadership is mediated more strongly by satisfaction with leadership.

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