Steed Research Lab

Dr Steed in Georgia
Dr. Steed was a 2019-2020 Fulbright scholar in the Republic of Georgia.

Dr. Elizabeth Steed’s research lab at the University of Colorado Denver is focused on understanding how to best support early childhood personnel and promote all young children’s social emotional competence and belonging.

Core goals of the Steed Research Lab are to:

  • Conduct research on how early childhood personnel use recommended practices in diverse early childhood education settings
  • Critically examine recommended and evidence-based practices for the inclusion or exclusion of multiple and diverse perspectives and experiences
  • Support each other to share our stories, care for ourselves, and commit to continual inquiry and self-reflection

About Dr. Steed

Current Doctoral Students

Renee Charlifue-Smith
Heidi Burke
Renae Cuevas Dias
Julie Daniel
Jaleesa Steward
Emily Holden
Jasmine Crane
Diana Herrera
Leah Buchholtz
Julio Alas

Current Research Areas

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