Research & Evaluation Methods Research Showcase

The REM program is excited to host our 2020 Student Research Showcase! Our MA and PhD program teaches students to become experts in quantitative, qualitative, measurement, evaluation, and mixed methodologies. These presentations highlight the research and evaluation work of our doctoral students and create a unique opportunity for us to share our work with each other.

The Development and Validation of Teen Beliefs on Relationship Abuse Measure (TBRAM)

Date: 8/16/2020
Student Researchers: Chen Zong

The purpose of this study was to validate an original and innovative survey focused on both teens’ personal beliefs and how they perceived their peers’ beliefs regarding relationship abuse. Two confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) models were examined with 591 high school students’ responses: The first CFA model was created based on the exploratory factor analysis (EFA) results, and the second CFA model was created based on the theoretically hypothesized model of six types of relationship abuse.

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