Alternative Licensure

T-PREP: The Partnership for Rural Educator Preparation

ASPIRE puts teaching careers within reach through high quality, low-cost, programs that offer on-the-job training while earning a paycheck as a full-time teacher.

ASPIRE to Teach is a CU-Denver “grow your own” alternative teacher preparation pathway in partnership with rural school districts that prepares community members who want to stay and teach in the rural areas. Recognizing the high need for teachers in rural districts, ASPIRE to Teach provides a quick entry into teaching for any person holding an undergraduate degree. The program provides supportive, high-quality individualized learning options for adults to support them while earning their initial teaching licensure.  Participants are employed as teachers of record in a rural school district, while they receive one-on-one intensive coaching and instruction from mentors and CU-Denver faculty. The ASPIRE program can be taken in its entirety and also be used to enhance the capacity.

History of ASPIRE to Teach Partnerships with Rural Colorado School Districts:

  • Licensing teachers since 2013
  • 42 rural and small rural districts
  • 85 teachers prepared in those districts
  • Candidates in 44 out of 64 counties in the state
ASPIRE continues to meet and exceed all of my expectations as a first-year teacher. I love the consistent support I receive from my Instructor. I can bring her any on-the-job question or concern and she will give me guidance and a fresh perspective. I could not be having a better experience and I recommend this program to anyone pursuing an Alternative Teaching License.

Program Participant

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