Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Education

For those who are passionate about elevating the status of bilingualism and inclusivity in classrooms and championing the strengths and assets of children who speak and are learning multiple languages, this degree is the perfect option. This transformational, practice-oriented program will develop your knowledge, leadership skills and classroom practices to support bilingual learners and their families. Join a degree program that is a perfect steppingstone to teacher leader and administrative positions.

Leadership for Educational Organizations

Start a path to a fulfilling career where you’ll realize change at the school and community levels. This program will prepare you with the wide breadth of knowledge necessary to create a school learning environment that is cooperative, safe, and welcoming. You will learn how to collaborate across communities and stakeholder groups, become well-versed in current educational issues and how to overcome them and gain awareness of the legal, financial and political dimensions of schools and school districts.

Educational Specialist in Leadership for Educational Organizations, Principal (License)

Degree Earned: EdS License Campus: CU Denver Online Designed for individuals whose next career goal is to become a school principal. It is well-suited for individuals who already have a master's degree plus a teaching license or a master's degree with a special services license. Graduates receive the skills critical to success as a leader and to encourage diversity, equity, and social justice at elementary, middle, or high schools.

Learning Design & Technology

This degree is focused on the use of learning technology to better support student learning and engagement, collaborate with colleagues and school administration, communicate and work with students’ families. Students will complete fully online courses that address relevant, emerging learning technology topics such as active and experiential pedagogy, media and maker projects, integration of technology, blended and online learning, open educational resources, digital storytelling, creative instructional materials design, and technology adoption and leadership.

Learning, Developmental and Family Sciences

The program prepares students to facilitate the teaching/learning process and to lead and work in community-based environments. Thus, many students pursue the degree to enhance their skills as professional classroom teachers or leaders in the community. Through this program, you will be prepared to view culturally and linguistically diverse families from a strengths-based perspective and to serve them in a variety of contexts.