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Degree: Minor

Classroom Type: Online and on campus classes

CU Denver’s minor in Education Studies is useful across many disciplines and career paths. Undergraduate students explore cognition and learning theory, teaching methods, development across the life span, and working with culturally and linguistically diverse learners.

Program Details

Interest Categories: Cultural Diversity & Global Perspectives Education & Counseling

Campus: CU Denver Online

What you'll learn

Professionals in many fields teach or educate others. In medical, technology and business fields, as well as in human services and creative fields, professional roles include the ability to share knowledge and skills with others.

The 15 credit undergraduate minor in Education Studies at CU Denver reflects the interdisciplinary nature of the field. Students pursue a depth of understanding about cognition and learning theories, teaching methods, development across the life span, and working with culturally and linguistically diverse learners.

The minor is geared for individuals going into diverse fields who wish to include knowledge and skills about teaching and learning as part of their preparation.

Note: Students who are currently pursuing the BA in Education and Human Development concentrations in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Secondary Education and Special Education are not eligible for the Education Studies minor.

This minor pairs nicely with a range of majors including, but not limited to: Business, Communications, Criminal Justice, Ethnic Studies, Nursing, Political Science, Public Affairs, Public Health, Psychology, Spanish, Sociology and other Humanities and Social Sciences majors.

Minor Requirements

Of the required courses, at least 9 credits must be completed at the University of Colorado Denver.

Transfer courses must be approved by faculty to apply to the minor. 

Education Studies Minor for non-K-12 teaching. Students must complete 15 credits below with a minimum grade C- or better. An overall minimum 2.0 is required for this minor.

Foundations (Choose 1 course)

  • EDFN 4010: Social Foundations and Cultural Diversity in Urban Education
  • EDFN 1000: Equality, Rights & Education (Core Social Science course)
  • CLDE 1000: Language, Identity, &Power: International Perspectives (Core International Perspectives course)

Pedagogy (Choose 2 courses)

  • LCRT 2000: Children’s & Adolescent Literature in the 21st Century (Core Humanities course)
  • INTE 2500: Digital Media and Learning (Core Social Science course)
  • INTE 2000: Digital Teaching and Learning
  • SPED 4400: Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
  • CLDE 2000: CLDE Foundations
  • HDFR 3050: Children’s Thinking and Assessment
  • CLDE 3680: Spanish for Educators
  • ECED 4102: Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum Methods and Techniques
  • ECED 4060: Working with Families, Professionals, and Communities
  • SPED 4300: Family, Professional, and Community Collaboration
  • MTED 3040: Mathematics for Elementary Educators

Development (Choose 1 course)

  • HDFR 2110: Child Ecology
  • HDFR 3020: Black and Latino Children in Families and Schools (Core Cultural Diversity course)
  • SPSY 2200: Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Treatment & Services (Core Behavioral Science course)

Elective (Choose one additional course from the lists above)

Program Courses

Course Catalog

Recommended Completion Time:Varies based on degree plan of study

Required Credits for Completion:15

Admission Requirements

Declare the minor today by filling out the SEHD Student Major, Track, or Minor Change Form


Contact the HDFR academic advisor Rosalinda Martinez


For more information, email education@ucdenver.edu or call 303.315.6300.

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