Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Education Pedagogy

School of Education & Human Development


Degree: Graduate Certificate

Classroom Type: Fully Online

Provides Reggio-inspired experiential learning in ECE pedagogy to complement students’ current competencies and experiences. Courses can articulate into CU Denver and Boulder Journey School’s MA in Innovative ECE.

Program Details

Interest Categories: Education & Counseling

Campus: Online

This credit-bearing graduate certificate offered by University of Colorado Denver’s School of Education & Human Development in partnership with Boulder Journey School cultivates student’s pedagogical understandings and practices. It supports the capacity to increase the quality of teaching and learning within early childhood programs. Students have the choice of selecting three of eight online Reggio-inspired courses to complement their current competencies and experiences. They can choose to articulate their three courses into the 30 credit hour MA in Innovative ECE, also in partnership with Boulder Journey School.

Students in the Early Childhood Pedagogy certificate program will:

  1. Develop an understanding and articulate their personal and professional beliefs about the image of the child, family and teacher, and the teacher’s role in promoting the rights of children to quality teaching and learning.
  2. Apply pedagogical and curricular practices with children and colleagues to deepen awareness and understanding of the complexities and opportunities within early childhood education.
  3. Cultivate an intentional and inclusive practice of observation, documentation and assessment.
  4. Engage across multiple pathways for deepening leadership actions around complex early childhood pedagogical issues and have advocate for opportunities for all young children.


Prior to applying to the program, you will select your three courses together with an advisor during an individual advising session. See more details about scheduling an advising session in the Admissions section below.

Course choices include:

  • ECED 6320: A Colorado Interpretation of the Reggio Approach
  • LDFS 6400: Observation, Documentation and Assessment
  • ECED 6300: Contextual Curriculum 1
  • ECED 6330: Supportive Social Learning
  • ECED 6350: Literacy and the Hundred Languages of Children
  • ECED 6340: Messing About with STEM
  • ECED 6310: Contextual Curriculum 2
  • LDFS 6420: The Environment as the Third Teacher 
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Summer ‘22   
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ECED 6320   
ECED 6320   
ECED 6350   
LDFS 6400   
LDFS 6400   
ECED 6340   
ECED 6300   
ECED 6350   
ECED 6310   
ECED 6300   
ECED 6350   
ECED 6310   

ECED 6300   
ECED 6330   
ECED 6340   
ECED 6330   
ECED 6340   
ECED 6330   
LDFS 6420   
LDFS 6420   
LDFS 6420   


The cost of tuition and fees for the three three-credit courses is $1173 per course, plus textbooks. Students enrolled in non-degree, certificate programs are not eligible to apply for financial aid.

Sample Courses

  • ECED 6320 - A Colorado Interpretation of the Reggio Approach3 credits
  • LDFS 6400 - Observation, Documentation and Assessment3 credits
  • ECED 6330 - Supportive Social Learning3 credits
  • LDFS 6420 - The Environment as the Third Teacher3 credits

Recommended Completion Time:6 months to 2 years

Required Credits for Completion:9

Admission Requirements

How to Apply

  1. Complete and submit an Interest Form. Please submit a completed Interest Form no later than December 3, 2021 to start the program in Spring 2022.
  2. An advisor will contact you to discuss your completed Interest Form.
  3. An advisor will provide you a recommended plan of study for the program and information on next steps to apply to the certificate and register for courses.
  4. Complete the certificate application and register for courses.

For more information, please contact Sara Van Dyke.

Application​ deadlines

Spring 2022: December 3