Short Constructed Response Essays

Please address the following questions. Your response for each question should be approximately 1-2 pages each, double spaced. Please identify the question letter in your responses.

  1. Please discuss what the term “urban teacher” means to you. Why you are drawn to a program that specializes in preparing “urban teachers”?
  2. CU Denver considers your prior experience with children and youth to be an important factor in admissions decisions. Please discuss your past and/or current experiences in working with children and youth (whether formal or informal) and how those experiences have come to influence your decision to become an urban teacher.
  3. CU Denver looks for evidence of a candidate’s critical thinking skills, the ability to see issues from multiple perspectives, and the ability to present clear and concise ideas and analysis. Drawing on your personal life experience, please discuss the following:
    1. Identify what you consider to be a major educational issue.
    2. Why do you consider this issue to be important?
    3. What are various perspectives/points of view on this issue? This should demonstrate that you can think about an issue from a perspective that you might not currently hold.
    4. What do you see as the major impact of this issue on students, families and/or educators?



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