The Research Center provides a variety of services to support research and grant-writing initiatives. Below is a list of services we provide along with other unique requests.  If your request is research-related we strive to help!

Research support throughout the research process: From Idea to Project to Publication

  • Literature/article searches

This is not a full literature review but if you need a quick literature scan of about 10 articles we can do that.  You can also contact Auraria Library: Kelly is the education librarian or Lorrie is one of our social sciences librarians.

  • Grant searches

Please contact the Office of Research Development and Education (ORDE) whose services include personalized grant searches, contact Lynette Michael and/or  Naomi Nishi.

  • Proposal help and review

If you need help organizing and writing a proposal let us know.  We are also a great resource to review it before you submit (please allow at least a week!). 

  • Methodology consultation

Need help brainstorming an appropriate research method?  We offer support with quantitative, qualitative, & mixed methodologies.   

  • Partner organizations

If you need help finding or working with a partner organization, ask us!  C-PEER is also working actively to gather appropriate data privacy agreements.

  • Data Collection Support

Quantitative data collection support includes creating and distributing surveys and measures.  Qualitative data collection support includes help with observations, interviews, focus groups, & documents. 

  • Transcription

We can support you in finding companies or GA’s with price and turnaround time comparisons.

  • Data Analysis Support

This includes quantitative support like data entry and cleaning support, descriptive statistics, and inferential stats (ANOVA, correlation, regression, chi-square) as well as advanced stats modeling.  It also includes qualitative analysis like coding, themes, triangulation, and inter-rater reliability.   

  • Help Choosing Analysis

If you have collected a lot of data but don’t know what to do next, contact us!

  • Software Support

This includes SPSS, Excel, Qualtics (survey program), and DeDoose (qualitative program)

  • Edits and Review

Looking for another set of eyes on an article or grant proposal? Send it over! If you are looking for peer-reviewed edits before submission or re-submission this is the place. If you need specific or general edits please consider reaching out to CLAS.

Growing Research Knowledge and Comfort through Video Refreshers!

  • Methodology comparisons (when to use each typology and the parts and pieces associated)
  • Descriptive statistics (central tendency, variability, distributions, relative standing)    
  • Inferential stats refresher (hypothesis testing, t-tests, ANOVA, correlation, regression, and chi-square)  
  • Power and Effect Size (using G*Power, estimating sample size needed)
  • Qualitative analysis using DeDoose
  • Inter rater reliability techniques

Building Resources for Your Research Toolbox

  • Methodology comparisons and examples (i.e. why would I use a case study verses phenomenology?)
  • Specific proposal resources (i.e. I’m doing a case study…now what?)
  • Data collection resources (workshops, books, articles, videos) – separated by specific techniques  
  • Data analysis resources (workshops, books, articles, videos) – separated by techniques

Please contact the Center at 303-315-4969 or to inquire about a service that is not included above.​​