Colorado School Psychology Internship Consortium

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Application Procedure

Students interested in applying for the internship program will submit an online application through the APPIC website. Each site within the consortium will have a separate Match number, which applicants must use to apply for and rank sites individually.

Required Materials

A completed application consists of the following materials:

  • A completed online AAPI (APPIC’s standard application)
  • Cover letter (part of online AAPI) stating your preferred training site(s) and why you are interested in those sites specifically. Applicants can indicate their interest in more than one site within the consortium in one cover letter.
  • A current Curriculum Vitae (as part of the online AAPI)
  • Three standardized reference forms, at least two of which must come from individuals who have directly supervised your work (as part of the online AAPI)
  • Official transcripts of all graduate coursework (as part of the online AAPI)
  • Supplementary Materials: One full integrated assessment report (please redact appropriately)

Contact CoS-PIC

Email Franci Crepeau-Hobson at with any questions related to the consortium. 

Important Dates

  • Application deadline: December 15
  • Interview Date: Mid-Late January
  • Start Date: First week of August
    Check with your primary site supervisor for specific start dates.

Selection Process

All application materials must be received by December 15 in order to be considered. All applicants will be notified of their application status by e-mail. If applicants are invited to interview, they will be notified by email on or before January 10. In-person interviews will be scheduled in mid-late January.

CoS-PIC bases its selection process on the entire application package noted above; however, applicants who have met the following qualifications prior to beginning internship are considered preferred:

  • APA-accredited School Psychology program
  • A minimum of 350 intervention hours
  • A minimum of 50 assessment hours
  • Dissertation proposal scheduled or defended
  • Some experience or special interest in working with underserved and/or diverse populations

Affiliation with CU Denver

CoS-PIC is partially affiliated with the University of Colorado Denver School Psychology Program; therefore, applicants from CU Denver will be given priority for interviews, followed by students from the University of Denver and the University of Northern Colorado school psychology programs.  Applicants from other school programs are still considered and encouraged to apply.


CoS-PIC values the unique contributions that diverse interns provide within training and work environments. The Training Committee strongly encourages applicants from diverse backgrounds to apply.


CoS-PIC takes into consideration the potential commitment of prospective interns to remain in the Denver metro area following their internship. Developing a strong behavioral health workforce is an important consideration for the consortium and remaining in the diverse, underserved area to join the workforce is considered a benefit.

Site Level Criteria

CoS-PIC requires that the matched intern meet site-level criteria, including a background check, to begin their training year. If intern does not meet site-level criteria, the match agreement will be terminated and the intern will not be allowed to complete their internship within CoS-PIC. 

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