Congratulations SEHD Undergraduate Students! We honor you and celebrate your achievements!


Spring 2021 Recognitions


Joseph C. Gallegos Servant Leadership Recognition

Joseph Gallegos dedicated his life to serving others in Colorado, the US and Latin America. He was known for his work in sustainable farming and traditional Hispanic and Indengious farming. Students awarded for this recognition have begun to demonstrate servant leadership in their work with individuals, families, and communities.

Korinne Ruhnke

Harriette Pipes McAdoo Academic Excellence Recognition

HP McAdoo was a leader in the Family Science Discipline and other Social Sciences. She was well for her research, teaching and service throughout the world. A centerpiece to her work and values was the importance of academic excellence. She constantly was working to encourage and support students to academically thrive. Students awarded for this recognition have demonstrated academic excellence through their undergraduate career.

Jocelyn VanGundy

HDFR Online Student Recognition

The purpose of the recognition is to identify UG HDFR students who are predominantly engaged in online courses throughout their program, and who have persisted to degree completion.

Ivan Rodarte

Undergraduate Passionate Educator Recognition

This award is presented to one elementary, early childhood, special education or secondary undergraduate student prior to professional year. Students awarded this recognition exhibit strong passion, active engagement and commitment to becoming the best educator possible.

Diana Dominguez

Ellie Rose

Lorelei Pieczynski

Mayra Zocarro Morales

Curious Researcher Recognition

This recognition is presented to EDHD undergraduate teacher education students who participated in a clinical block (EDHD 1930, 2930, 3930 or ECED 2930) during the Spring 2019 and/or Fall 2019 semester and exhibited excellence in the inquiry process by developing an inquiry project that demonstrates a commitment to learning about the ways children know and learn in diverse contexts.

Caitlyn Beckham

Breanna Wilson

Undergraduate Community Educator for Equity Recognition

This recognition is presented to several ELEM, ECE, SPED or Secondary undergraduate students currently in the professional year (1st or 2nd semester).   This award is presented to a student who embodies the following characteristics: 

  • culturally affirming and responsive
  • collaborates closely with families and communities
  • demonstrates the emerging  knowledge and skills to create engaging, relevant, and rigorous classroom communities where all students can achieve and grow.

Demri Sailas

Collegiality and Professionalism Recognition

This recognition is presented to SEHD undergraduates who have demonstrated extraordinary collegiality and professionalism with their colleagues, peers, and with faculty and staff during the 2020-2021 year. The student’s collegial dispositions demonstrate a strong commitment to their academic and professional communities.

Robin Aguirre

Reyann Hamideh

Karen Cardenas Hernandez

Becky Miller

Sachiko Sakuray

Outstanding Student

This recognition is presented to SEHD undergraduates who have demonstrated outstanding service, leadership, academic achievement during the 2020-2021 year, and is committed to serving the University community.

Alondra Apollo

Alondra Arreola-Alderete

Mauricio Dominguez Osorio

Latierra Greene

Tatiana Hamilton

Andrea Kaplan

Seanah Kauten

Cassandra Knellinger

Amy Rose Hutchinson

Skylar Vernell

Emily Viramontes

Leadership Recognition

This recognition is given to SEHD undergraduates who have shown extraordinary leadership during the 2020-2021 academic year within and beyond the School of Education & Human Development at the University of Colorado Denver.

Ivy Martinez

Lauren McHugh

Karely Nava Chavez

Jocelyn VanGundy

Chris Votruba

Community Service

This recognition is given to SEHD undergraduates who have made outstanding contributions in community service during the 2020- 2021 academic year at the University of Colorado Denver and is dedicated to promoting equity and access to opportunity for all.

Kira Badberg

Sarah Fritsche

Devon Sandoval

Alexis Veley

Peer Mentors

We recognize the peer mentors for their contributions and service in the SEHD. These are students who were HDFR, EDHD, NxtGEN peer mentors.

Kira Badberg

Tatiana Hamilton

Samantha Liebenow

Lauren McHugh

Ivan Rodarte
Korinne Ruhnke

Takayla Simes

Jennifer Trejo

Alexis Veley

Mayra Zocarro Morales