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Finish Your General Education Core

Choose from our high impact, relevant set of core course offerings

PrefixCourse #TitleCore Requirement
CLDE - Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Education1000Language, Identity, & Power: International PerspectivesInternational Perspectives
EDFN - Educational Foundations1000Equality, Rights & EducationSocial Sciences
EDFN - Educational Foundations3000Undocumented Mexican ImmigrationCultural Diversity
EDFN - Educational Foundations4000Food Justice in City & SchoolsCultural Diversity
HDFR - Human Development & Family Relations1000Global Human Development & LearningInternational Perspectives
HDFR - Human Development & Family Relations1080Lifespan Issues in Family ViolenceSocial Sciences
HDFR - Human Development & Family Relations2080Sex, Human Development and Family SystemsBehavioral Sciences
HDFR - Human Development & Family Relations2200Love, Family and Human DevelopmentSocial Sciences
HDFR - Human Development & Family Relations3020Black and Latino Children in Families and SchoolsCultural Diversity
HDFR - Human Development & Family Relations3250Families in Global PerspectivesInternational Perspectives
INTE - Instructional Technology2500#Learning: Digital Spaces and Far Out PlacesSocial Sciences
LCRT - Literacy, Language & Culturally Responsive Teaching2000Rebels, Villains, & Superheroes: How Children's Literature Shapes Our IdentitiesHumanities
LCRT - Literacy, Language & Culturally Responsive Teaching3815Once Upon a Time: Family Literacies in Culturally Diverse CommunitiesCultural Diversity
SPSY - School Psychology2200Child and Adolescent Mental Health in Schools and CommunitiesBehavioral Sciences

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PrefixCourse #TitleInstruction Mode
CLDE - Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Education5020Responsive Classroom CommunitiesHybrid
CLDE - Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Education5030Language Development of Multilingual Learners: AdvancedRemote
CLDE - Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Education5035Connecting Multilingual Theories to PracticeIn-person
CLDE - Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Education5050Assessment & Advocacy for Multilingual LearnersHybrid, Remote
CLDE - Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Education5070Linguistic Analysis of EnglishIn-person
CLDE - Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Education5680Spanish for EducatorsHybrid
CLDE - Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Education5825Methods of Content Teaching for Bilingual LearnersRemote
ECED - Early Childhood Education5010Curriculum in Early Childhood EducationOnline
ECED - Early Childhood Education5060Working with Families and CommunitiesOnline
ECED - Early Childhood Education5070Social Competence and Classroom SupportsOnline
ECED - Early Childhood Education5080Language and Literacy in Young ChildrenHybrid
ECED - Early Childhood Education5104Advanced Developmentally Appropriate CurriculumRemote
ECED - Early Childhood Education5200Screening and Assessment of Young ChildrenOnline
ECED - Early Childhood Education5311Equity for Leadership in Early Childhood ProgramsOnline
ECED - Early Childhood Education5320Community-Based Action Research: CapstoneHybrid
ECED - Early Childhood Education5350Policy and Advocacy in Early ChildhoodHybrid
ECED - Early Childhood Education5650Dual Language Learners Learning and DevelopmentOnline
ECED - Early Childhood Education6200Early Intervention StrategiesOnline
ECED - Early Childhood Education6310Contextual Curriculum IIRemote
ECED - Early Childhood Education6330Supportive Social LearningRemote
EDFN - Educational Foundations5010Social Foundations and Cultural Diversity in Urban EducationRemote
EDUC - Education Admin & Supervision5651Foundations of LeadershipOnline
EDUC - Education Admin & Supervision5652Leadership for Equity/Social JusticeOnline
EDUC - Education Admin & Supervision5653Leadership Practices for Responsive ChangeOnline
HDFR - Human Development & Family Relations5004Family and Comm. Prog. II Grant Writing/FundraisingIn-person, Online
HDFR - Human Development & Family Relations5010Family and Cultural DiversityOnline
HDFR - Human Development & Family Relations5045Abuelos (Grandparents) Latino FamiliesHybrid
HDFR - Human Development & Family Relations5080Global Family Resource ManagementOnline
HDFR - Human Development & Family Relations5090Helping Profession Skills in HDFROnline
HDFR - Human Development & Family Relations5300Families in Later LifeIn-person
INTE - Instructional Technology5000Maker StudioOnline
INTE - Instructional Technology5100Learning Experience DesignOnline
INTE - Instructional Technology5250Teaching Strategies for Online and Blended LearningOnline
INTE - Instructional Technology5300Media Literacy & Digital CitizenshipOnline
INTE - Instructional Technology5320Games and LearningOnline
INTE - Instructional Technology5340Learning with Digital StoriesOnline
INTE - Instructional Technology5360Critical Digital PedagogyOnline
INTE - Instructional Technology5670Crafting Synchronous LearningOnline
INTE - Instructional Technology5680Producing Media for LearningOnline
INTE - Instructional Technology5711Creative Designs for Instructional MaterialsOnline
INTE - Instructional Technology6720Research in Learning Design and TechnologyOnline
INTE - Instructional Technology6750Trends and Issues in Learning Design and TechnologyOnline
INTE - Instructional Technology6999Leadership for Technology InnovationOnline
LCRT - Literacy, Language, and Culturally Responsive Teaching5000Elementary Literacy Instruction and Assessment Part 1Remote
LCRT - Literacy, Language, and Culturally Responsive Teaching5001Elementary Literacy Instruction and Assessment Part 2Hybrid
LCRT - Literacy, Language, and Culturally Responsive Teaching5100Secondary Literacy Instruction and AssessmentOnline
LCRT - Literacy, Language, and Culturally Responsive Teaching5201Adolescent LiteratureRemote
LCRT - Literacy, Language, and Culturally Responsive Teaching5710Primary Literacy for Diverse Learners, Pre K-Grade 3Hybrid
LCRT - Literacy, Language, and Culturally Responsive Teaching5795Current Children's LiteratureOnline
LCRT - Literacy, Language, and Culturally Responsive Teaching5810Oral & Written Language & LiteracyOnline
LDFS - Learning, Development, and Family Sciences6140Social Contexts of Adolescence and SchoolingRemote
LDFS - Learning, Development, and Family Sciences6200Human Development Over the Life SpanRemote
LDFS - Learning, Development, and Family Sciences6410Social Foundations of Family and CommunityOnline
LDFS - Learning, Development, and Family Sciences6750Designing Environment for Learning and DevelopmentRemote
MTED - Math Education5002Elementary Mathematics Teaching IRemote
MTED - Math Education5003Elementary Mathematics Teaching IIRemote
MTED - Math Education5040Mathematics Teaching - Theory and PracticeRemote
MTED - Math Education5301Assessment and Equity in Mathematics InstructionOnline
MTED - Math Education5400Mathematics for Elementary TeachersIn-person
MTED - Math Education5623Geometrical Ways Of ReasoningOnline
RSEM - Research & Evaluation Methods5001Special TopicsRemote
RSEM - Research & Evaluation Methods5080Research In SchoolsOnline
RSEM - Research & Evaluation Methods5100Basic StatisticsOnline
RSEM - Research & Evaluation Methods5110Introduction to MeasurementRemote
RSEM - Research & Evaluation Methods5120Introduction to Research MethodsRemote
RSEM - Research & Evaluation Methods6500Teacher as ResearcherOnline
SCED - Science Education5004Elementary Science TeachingRemote
SCED - Science Education5050Introduction to Science Teaching and LearningIn-person
SCED - Science Education5340Equity & Culture in Science Education: Local/GlobalRemote
SCED - Science Education5401Inquiry Science Pedagogy and PracticesRemote
SCHL - School Library Program5160Managing School LibrariesOnline
SPED - Special Education5030Understanding (dis)Ability in Contemporary ClassroomsOnline
SPED - Special Education5140Assessment: Inquiry, Instruction, & InterventionHybrid
SPED - Special Education5151Slashing Stigmas: Promoting Positive BehaviorsOnline
SPED - Special Education5300Family, Professional, and Community CollaborationOnline
SPED - Special Education5401Advanced Seminar in Special EducationOnline
SPED - Special Education5440Ethics and Implementation ABAOnline
SPED - Special Education5450Introduction to ABA and TerminologyOnline
SPED - Special Education5460ABA Practical ApplicationsOnline
SPED - Special Education5470ABA DataOnline
SPED - Special Education5480ABA Advanced Data and Behavioral Plans and ApplicationsOnline
SPED - Special Education5490Autism In Early InterventionOnline
SPED - Special Education5500Transition and Secondary Methods in Special EducationOnline
SPED - Special Education5780Literacy Intervention for Exceptional LearnersIn-person