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McClintock, Evan

Evan McClintock

Senior Instructor
  • Center for Collaborative Education Leadership
  • Extended Studies

My career in education started with teaching in an elementary school in Central Pennsylvania. I enjoyed the opportunities I had teaching all content areas, mentoring and training teachers, collaborating with university faculty, and developing district curricula. I became increasingly intrigued by how students learn mathematics, which led me to pursue studies in graduate school. While studying mathematics education, I conducted research on mathematics teaching and learning, pedagogical content knowledge, and curricula. In my current role as a Senior Instructor at CU Denver, I design curricula and support the development of new teachers across the state of Colorado who are pursuing their initial Colorado teaching license in a variety of endorsement areas. Through this work, I have developed a deeper appreciation of the challenges that various school communities encounter as they work to provide excellent learning opportunities for their students. In addition to my role as an instructor, I continue to engage in research in mathematics education, primarily focusing on students’ development of multiplicative reasoning, rational number, covariational reasoning, and function.