Master of Arts in Learning Design & Technology

Degree Earned: MA Endorsement CU Denver’s Learning Design & Technology program is unique. Students combine 12-credit certificates to create customized paths based on each individual’s career interests and goals.

Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education

Degree Earned: MA Prepares educators to work in inclusive and diverse early learning environments with young children (infancy through age eight). Graduates gain practices that embrace the whole child in culturally and linguistically diverse public school or community-based early childhood education settings, emphasizing family-centered practices. It is offered in on-campus, hybrid, or fully online formats. This MA does not lead to a license or endorsement.

Master of Arts in Special Education

Degree Earned: MA Prepares licensed teachers to identify and champion the strengths and assets of children with differing abilities. Graduates are equipped with the most impactful and effective skills for leading inclusive classrooms and collaborating with professionals in the field and the community.

Master of Arts in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education

Degree Earned: MA Develops the knowledge, leadership skills, and classroom practices that support multilingual learners and their families. Graduates help meet the increasing need for knowledge and skills to design effective practices to serve the number of children who speak and learn in multiple languages.

Master of Arts in STEM Education, Science

Degree Earned: MA Prepares licensed practicing teachers to think critically about the nature of science education from a research-oriented perspective. Graduates are positioned to be leaders in their communities and in diverse schools.

Master of Arts in STEM Education, Math

Degree Earned: MA Positions teachers to work successfully in leadership roles in urban and diverse schools and understand the important role mathematics play in students' lives. Graduates help meet the high demand for qualified, effective mathematics teachers. Core Courses are fully online. You may choose elective courses in on-campus, hybrid and fully online formats.

Master of Arts in STEM Education, Math-Science

Degree Earned: MA Positions teachers with expertise in STEM learning and highly effective assessment and teaching practices to effectively guide today's learners. Graduates help meet the demand for qualified math-science teachers and become leading educators at the forefront of this field. Offered in on-campus, hybrid, and fully online formats.

Master of Arts in Literacy Education

Degree Earned: MA Prepares educators to work with diverse K - 12 students to develop reading, writing, and oral language skills. Graduates gain in-depth knowledge about building on students' languages, abilities, cultures, and real-world experiences to design highly effective and relevant teaching practices.
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