Bachelor of Arts in Education and Human Development, Early Childhood Education

Degree Earned: BA Allows students to obtain a bachelor's degree while completing field experiences and internships in place of employment. Graduates become professionals who create inclusive, culturally, and linguistically diverse public school or community-based early childhood education settings, emphasizing family-centered practices.

Graduate Certificate in Teaching for Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

Degree Earned: Graduate Certificate Provides content-area teachers (math, science, social studies, etc.) with a foundation of teaching content for multilingual students. The certificate is also valuable to content-area coaches or administrators with a commitment to diversity and social justice, and who provide support for teachers with multilingual learners in K - 12 classrooms.

Master of Arts in Teaching, World Languages, Spanish (License)

Degree Earned: MA License Prepares individuals in as little as a year to teach Spanish in diverse middle and high school classrooms. Features a residency program perfected and proven through almost 30 years of ongoing work with partner schools. Graduates are equipped to expand students' world views, language development, and interpretation skills.