Learn & Grow Collaborative

High Quality Remote Support for Children and Young Adults

Welcome to the SEHD Learn and Grow Collaborative. This space has been created by the School of Education and Human Development to match talented teacher education students with families in this time of need when each can be of service to the other. Many of our students have lost their jobs during the prolonged COVID 19 shutdown and need financial resources and, with many schools engaged in remote teaching and learning in the fall, families find themselves in need of support for their children. Some of our teacher education students have time to provide extended support, while others can provide shorter periods of targeted support.

Our students have already taken education courses on children’s development and planning and implementing engaging, equitable learning experiences for children and young adults. They have been vetted through background checks and many have already had extensive experience with children and young adults through field experiences and internships. These students can provide remote support in a variety of ways across the week. They can help with schoolwork or create social/play experiences and be a helping hand – all in a remote learning environment that is engaging and supportive of you and your children. Your children won’t be with just a screen, they will be with a person invested in their growth and learning.

Process for Finding a Match

Please remember the LGC only offers remote learning experiences.

Complete the Needs Profile

Once you complete the needs profile:

  • Teacher Education faculty and staff will review family profiles and match to student strengths and availability.
  • Student contacts families through email or via phone to gather more information.
  • If the match works for both parties, the student alerts SEHD, and the family profile is removed.
  • If needs change, the profile can be reactivated so that a new match can be found.

Types of Support

There are many educational and social activities teacher education students can support. This set of activities is not exhaustive and we are open to suggestions of what will benefit you during this time, but please remember that he Learn and Grow Collaborative is not intended to replace a child's school instruction but may supplement it.


e.g., conversations, games, dancing, crafts, singing, Brainbreaks, yoga, mindfulness minute, doing chores/home activities together, etc.


e.g pretend/imaginary play, reading books and acting out, writing a story/play together, cooking, crafting from materials found in home, read non-fiction/contemporary issues and discuss, etc.

Help with Assignments/Homework

e.g., tutoring, discussions that support topics being learned, math, reading, writing, social studies, science, etc.

After the Match

  • Student and families are responsible for coordinating individual arrangements for scheduling, employment and payment.
  • Teacher education students employed by families have a flat rate of $15.00 per hour. Students may work with several children in this time, depending on what type of support is needed.
  • The SEHD will not handle any scheduling, employment or financial transactions. Families and students are encouraged to use a public platform like Care.com or secure digital apps as vehicles for handling these further arrangements.