Program accreditation and authorization are important characteristics to look for when choosing an academic program. It is an assurance to students, employers, professional associations and the public that a university meets rigorous standards for quality of faculty, curriculum and connections to the communities for which it is preparing professionals.

The SEHD Counseling program is accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP). The SEHD School Psychology Program is Accredited, on contingency by the American Psychological Association (APA). All SEHD initial teacher and administrator licensure and advanced endorsement programs are authorized by the Colorado State Board of Education and the Colorado Commission on Higher Education.

The Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) program at CU Denver is accredited on contingency by the American Psychological Association. We anticipate to receive full accreditation on or prior to the expiration date of April 15, 2023. Graduates of this program are license eligible for independent practice in schools, hospitals, child agencies and clinics, and other settings.

Program Outcome Measures



Employer Satisfaction

Results of Employer Surveys for Initial teacher preparation and advanced programs. Surveys are administered for all programs, but results are only shared from surveys with more than 10 responses.

2015 Employer Surveys Report

Completer and Alumni Satisfaction

Results of Exit and Alumni surveys for initial teacher preparation and advanced programs. Surveys are administered for all programs, but results are only share from surveys with more than 10 responses. Learn more about the methodology.

Initial Teacher Preparation Traditional:

Initial Teacher Preparation Alternative:

Principal and Administrator Licensure:

Cultural and Linguistically Diverse Education:

Early Childhood Education:

Instructional Technology and School Library:

Literacy, Language and Culturally Responsive Teaching

Special Education

Graduation Rates

The undergraduate initial teacher preparation students grouped by retention/graduation tracking cohorts when they take the course EDFN-4010, Social Foundations and Cultural Diversity in Urban Education. Because the undergraduate program is new, we only present retention rates for the current year; graduation rates will be added next year.

Graduate initial teacher preparation students and students in advanced programs are grouped in cohorts based on their admit term to the degree program.

Currently SEHD is working with the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness to create publically available dashboards for graduation rates for all SEHD programs.

Initial Teacher Preparation Retention and Graduation Rates for Graduate and Undergraduate students

Content Knowledge Licensure Test Pass Rates

All initial teacher preparation licenses and most advanced endorsement require candidates to pass a content area Praxis test. We track pass rates and scores of students who send their scores to our University.

The linked tables present first-attempt pass rates and second-attempt pass rates and summary statistics.

We also present our Title II pass rates for benchmarking purposes. Aggregate metrics for test with less than ten test takers are not presented.

2016-2017 Praxis Analysis

2016-2017 Title II Score Report


The Colorado Departments of Education and Higher Education provided the University of Colorado Denver and other state EPPs a report that had information about our alumni that were working in Colorado schools. The last time we received this report was for the 2014-2015 school year.

Employment information about 2013-2014 completers working in Colorado schools.

Consumer Information

The linked document provides the following consumer information:

  • Tuition and fees
  • Cost of living costs
  • Scholarships and other funding
  • University of Colorado Denver 3-year default rates.

2017-2018 Consumer Information